Hotel Ownership & Development

LHG's extensive hotel ownership investment and development activities were made possible when our parent company, the Libra Group sold the vast majority of its shipping assets between 2004 and 2006. The wide-ranging diversification of the group that followed included a major commitment to the global hospitality industry as a long-term investment target.

Our team of experienced hospitality sector professionals is constantly looking for suitable acquisition opportunities - from the refurbishment of existing hotels to the repurposing of non-hospitality properties along with the development of new facilities on greenfield sites.

Site selection is a critical part of our business approach as we seek to counterbalance each location's demand dynamics with the unique qualities of the property or site in adding value to the project.

Our design and construction partners are the next determinant of each project's success. The architectural concept will always be mindful of the property's brand values, but we also strive to create designs that are wholly in context with the host setting. This means our properties conform to the latest considerations in sustainability, access, ergonomics, carbon footprint reduction and space efficiency, maintaining total harmony with their immediate environment.

Our senior management team, with a wealth of experience in managing hotel development projects from concept to launch for the world's leading hotel brands, oversees each project every step of the way.