Rajan Retnam

Based in Singapore, Rajan Retnam is Director for LHG in Asia.  With over 40 years' experience, principally in hotel and hospitality finance and as CEO of First Oriental since 2009, he brings considerable financial, analytical, management and planning skills to this extensive role.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Rajan was a key player in the Hyatt hotel chain management for 36 years, helping it grow into one of the world's leading luxury hotel brands. He has worked in locations as varied as Bangkok, Vancouver, Mexico City and Singapore, and oversaw rapid expansion of Hyatt in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

When the Sultan of Brunei acquired the Hyatt Regency Singapore in 1988, Rajan became the Managing Director of the owning company. In 1993 he reverted full-time to Hyatt as Vice-President with responsibility for technology and worldwide hotel financial operations, and later as Vice-President for Development and Administration. In 2006 he became CFO of First Oriental.